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Norwood's Wine Selections

Please note that while we try to keep these menus as up-to-date as our in - house menus, the information below should be regarded merely as representative and are subject to change - in availability of choices, available specials, and prices.


We go to great lengths to find you 
great wine values... Norwood's Wine Shop takes pride in acquiring high quality, hard-to-find wines. We literally travel the world in search of labels and varieties you won't find anywhere else in Florida. For example, while you're getting your children ready to go back to school, we're going to school, too—in New Zealand … for wines … for you.Please come in and survey our great selection. The storefront represents only a fraction of the inventory, which features over 30,000 bottles and 1,200 labels—the largest collection in the area—all in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.


Florida's Most Extensive 
Value Priced Wine Selection. Merely continuing a long tradition of fine dining at Norwood's wasn't enough for owner Don Simmons. Having a long time interest in wine, he began to expand the inventory of wine available at Norwood's and took on the project of developing Norwood's into one of America's top purveyors of the vintner's art. But the real breakthrough had less to do with wine and more to do with Norwood's family loyalty.In 1989, Aunt Belle, a longtime fixture as Norwood's Hostess, was no longer able to physically manage her duties, yet wanted to remain in the Norwood's family. So, Simmons had an addition built on to the restaurant to facilitate his developing interest in wine purveyance and put Aunt Belle in charge. Although Aunt Belle, then 85, is no longer with us, the cozy structure has evolved into a first rate retail wine outlet.


What is Value Pricing? In the retail wine business a markup of 300% or more is not unusual. Because our Wine Shop is not a stand alone spirits outlet but is complemented by the restaurant, Norwood's has chosen to offer its patrons fine wines at more affordable pricing by reducing the markup. We do, however, levy a corkage fee for vintages consumed with dinner on site. Nevertheless, the combination of value pricing and the choice of consuming your selection off premises, offers the greatest possible return for your wine dollar. More $$$ saved equals more visits to Norwood's! Crazy like a fox …

Wine Spectator Awards

About the Award Levels

Wine Spectator's Restaurant Wine List Awards recognize restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate to their cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers.To qualify for an award, the list must present complete, accurate wine information. It must include vintages and appellations for all selections, including wines available by the glass. Complete producer names and correct spellings are mandatory, while the overall presentation and appearance of the list is also taken into consideration. After meeting these basic requirements, lists are judged for one of our three awards.

Award of Excellence

Our basic award, for lists that offer a well-chosen selection of quality producers, along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style. Typically, these lists offer at least 100 selections.

Best of Award of Excellence

850 winners
Our second-tier award, created to give special recognition to restaurants that clearly exceed the requirements of the Award of Excellence. These lists typically offer 400 or more selections, along with superior presentation, and display either vintage depth, with several vertical offerings of top wines, or excellent breadth across several wine regions.

Grand Award

73 winners
Our highest award, given to restaurants that show an uncompromising, passionate devotion to the quality of their wine program. These restaurants typically offer 1,500 selections or more, and feature serious breadth of top producers, outstanding depth in mature vintages, a selection of large-format bottles, excellent harmony with the menu and superior organization, presentation and wine service.

Wine List

Norwood's Wine

Our Wine List is the pride of Atlantic Florida. There is no larger store of wine from the Space Coast to the First Coast. More than 30,000 bottles in climate controlled storage, and a printed list of more than 40 pages. If you can't find a wine you like at Norwood's, you aren't trying! And if you haven't found one, please come back and try some more.

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